What do you do when a client doesn’t pay?

Just tell Julie

Stop me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve got a client, who is otherwise good, but is a late payer. They’re not malicious, they’re just a consistently late payer. You don’t want to fire them, and you don’t want to be rude, but you’re in an awkward spot.

You did work, you deserve to get paid. On time. So what do you do when a good client has late payments? Send emails that get ignored? Send polite letters that end up in a trash bin? You don’t call because that would both be awkward and possibly damage your future working relationship.

That's why too many consultants just wait for clients to pay them late, if at all. It's just easier to do nothing. Worst of all, it's why consultants fall behind on their own bills.

Stop Hoping, Start Getting Paid

What if, instead, you could turn overdue invoices in to customer service opportunities and get paid?

That’s where I come in. I can impress the socks off of your clients with professionalism while getting you paid.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Whenever you have an overdue invoice, you forward it to me along with any relevant information.
  2. I’ll make a direct call to the client on your behalf.
  3. I will then have a polite conversation with your client. Not just polite, but Thermonuclear Nice. That’s the level of nice where people feel guilty about not paying sooner because I’m so nice.
  4. I’ll collect on your invoice over the phone with a credit card so you get paid immediately.
  5. You'll pay only $99 upfront, and when I collect I'll keep 35%. If I can’t collect, no percentage is due.

“Hmmm. That seems a little steep to me.”

Well if you're currently either not getting paid at all or being used by your clients as a no-interest loan, then it's a small price to pay.

Which is cheaper? Hiring a full-time office manager at $45K annually to play bad cop and call your clients on their overdue invoices so you can avoid conflict, or having me do it as a one-time value-based fee?

“Hold up, how do payments work?”

Great question. The short answer is that I want to do whatever is convenient for you.

What's ideal though is if you use Stripe, Square, or another online virtual terminal. That way I can process the payment as your business for your business. Then I'll invoice you via PayPal.

If you don't use an online service to process payments, then I would process the payment for you and send you a PayPal payment in 7 days.

“Are you a debt collector?”

Nope! I’m your accounts receivable virtual assistant, and I make getting invoices paid painless. The last thing you want is a debt collector or collection agency. They engage in abusive tactics to bully your customers in to paying them. That's the direct opposite of what I do. I turn mildly overdue invoices in to customer service opportunities.

Here's my script:

Hi, this is Julie calling from [your business.] I saw your invoice was due last week, did you want to pay for that now over the phone with me?

Does that sound like a debt collector to you?

“I’m a consultant. Is this for me?”

Yes! I built this service specifically for consultants. In fact my business started as a way for me to help my husband (fellow consultant) when he was having trouble getting paid.

I know from past experience that once we start working together, you’ll love it. One of the biggest pains of freelancing will be removed completely from your life. That’s because my service was designed by, with, and for consultants.

My husband, Kurt Elster, runs one of the top-rated ecommerce consultancies in Chicago. As my first client, here’s what he had to say:

When Julie offered to call my late-paying clients, I was relieved just to not have to do it myself. Then I was amazed by the results. Not only was she was able to recover 100% of the money owed to my agency, but here's the really amazing part: the clients she called have paid early ever since speaking with her. With results like that, I always just tell Julie when an account is overdue.
Kurt Elster, MBA

Sure, we're married, but I've recovered thousands of dollars for him and others:

When a client doesn't pay on time, Julie is able to politely and persistently rescue that money for my business. My average invoice is in the mid-thousands ($X,XXX). With the money from one rescued invoice, I can afford to retain Julie for close to 4 years.
Kai Davis
Julie has been absolutely a great investment. I know that everything that comes out of from my support desk will be well-thought out with not only my business in mind but also my customers. She treats every customer like an investment which is how I want it done!
Robert Williams
Initially I was hesitant having someone contact a late client on my behalf because I try to build a strong personal relationship with my clients. But I was busy and every day I didn't follow up on the late payment made it that much harder to reach out to them. Six days after I contacted Julie, I had the full payment from my late client. I’m happy I didn't have to put pressure on them and damage the relationship.
Eric Davis

I can help you too. Imagine how much easier your life as a consultant will be if your clients actually respected your payment terms.



Julie Elster

PS: Are you a SaaS or Productized Consultant with monthly recurring revenue? Don't you hate it when credit card payments fail? I can call on those failed payments too and get those cards updated, saving you thousands annually. Email me.